Telling the Baltic

Telling the Baltic is a collaborative storytelling project. The Baltic Sea has many stories to “tell,” and it can reveal its narratives in countless forms. Stories have been sought from those who travel the sea for holiday or for work. The stories have been gathered in a public cross-border archive, and form the raw materials for artists who use them as inspiration when creating art-works. These art-works will be part of an exhibition touring the South Baltic region. Blekinge Museum, Karlskrona 9 June -16 Sept. 2012. CCA Laznia, Gdansk, 5 Oct.- 2 Dec. 2012. Kunsthalle Rostock, Rostock, Feb. – Mar. 2013.  Baltic Branch NCCA & NGO ArtMission, Kaliningrad, 19 Apr. 2012 – 3 Jun. 2013. On board Stena Line Vision, July-September 2013.

Telling the Baltic – the documentary
Take part of the story collecting, the workshops, the artists working and the setting up of the exhibition in Karlskrona.

Participating partners: Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA Laznia), Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH), Blekinge Museum (BM), NGO ArtMission, Baltic Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts (Kaliningrad NCCA), Nida Art Colony, Kunsthalle Rostock and Stena Ferry Line. Telling the Baltic is supported by the European Cultural Foundation

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Participating artists are; Poland: Patrycja Orzechowska, Iwona Zając, Anna Steller, Łukasz Szałankiewicz, Anna Zaradny Sweden: Astrid Göransson Anna Brag Johan Thurfjell Denmark: Henrik Lund Jörgensen Russia: Anton Zabrodin, Oleg Blyablyas, Katerina Cherevko, Konstantin Traschenkov, Aleksandr Ljubin, Evgeny Umansky, Aleksey Tchebykin, Danil Akimov Germany: Katrin Roeber, Paetrick Schmidt Lithuania: Laura Stasiulyte, Irma Stanaityte, Jurgita Remeikyte, Dainius Dapkevicius, Gintaras Makarevicius Exhibition designer for the Telling the Baltic exhibition tour: Marek Zygmunt (PL) Participating story-collectors:Lissa Holloway Attaway (CA/SE), Agnieszka Wołodźko (PL), Marcin Boryczko (PL), Małgorzata Żerwe (PL), Pirjo Elovaara (SE), Talan Memmott (US/SE), Martin Arvebro (SE), Karin Nilsson (SE), Jurgita Remeikyte (LT), Irma Stanaityte (LT), Dainius Dapkevicius (LT),  Laura Stasiulyte (LT), Katerina Cherevko (RU), Danil Akimov (RU),  Oleg Blyablyas (RU), Konstantin Traschenkov (RU), Zhenya Lapteva (RU),  Sasha Artamonova (RU), Alexey Trotsak (RU), Vadim Chaliy (RU), Alexey Chebykin (RU), Vassily Kolesnik (RU), Evgeny Umansky (RU). Read about the story-collectors within project Telling the Baltic. Info about first Telling the Baltic-workshop arranged 5 – 16 March, 2012 at BTH, Sweden. Photographs from workshop. Info about second Telling the Baltic-workshop, arranged 1 – 5 April, 2012 at Nida Art Colony, Lithuania.

Read the digital story book in English.