Łaźnia Centre for Contemporary Art- Łaźnia CCA

Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art- Laznia CCA


Laznia is a place that presents today´s contemporary Polish and international art, and shows what is best about art: its variability, energy and bravery.

Laznia showcases various trends in contemporary art. The multiple aspects of contemporary art are the subject of talks in Laznia´s educational programmes.
Laznia is open to discourse between audience and artist, continuing the process of co-operation with the local community.

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Partners role within project Art Line:

Laznia CCA will work on the concept of the storytelling project (Telling The Baltic) together with participating partners. Laznia will invite story collectors and sea travelers and organize transcription and translation of the stories. Laznia will invite artists to co-operate, organize and take part in the workshop and prepare art projects with our professional experience in interdisciplinary art-projects. Laznia will work on the concept of the exhibition together with partners and organize the exhibition of Telling The Baltic in Gdansk. They will edit the part of the final publication which concerns “Telling the Baltic” in collaboration with partners. Laznia will organize one international seminar in digital media, based on earlier experiences with art and new media, and together with Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) plan. seminars/workshops. Laznia will be part of a project core group (Project Management Group- PMG) and will be responsible for the Polish partnership.They will, together with Lead Benificary (Blekinge County Museum), arrange annual seminars/workshops for the South Baltic-region on the Stena Line ferry during the forthcoming 5 years.


Senior curator and program coordinator of Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art