Art Line workshop – for future cooperation

Art Line Workshop days in Karlskrona 22-23 October 2013

Place: Aula/Hörsalen Blekinge museum, Borgmästaregatan 21.






09.30-10.00   Coffee and sandwich, gathering

10.00-10.15   Welcome. Torun Ekstrand

10.15-12.00   Chris Torch, The Necessity of Culture. The lecture will focus on the ethical and artistic motivations for international and intercultural work. Chris Torch will also present flashes from large scale projects that I have been connected to in the last few years – and the mistakes we made along the way, the learning curve we followed.

Chris Torch is founder and Senior Associate at Intercult, a production and resource unit focused on culture, ideas and the arts. Torch among others serves on the Board of Culture Action Europe, Europe´s most important platform for cultural policy development and as expert following the EU Method of Coordination group on Intercultural Dialogue and Cultural Diversity.

12.00-13.00   Lunch at Greven.

13.00-13.15   Warming up for workshop with Emelie Trossö

13.15-15.15   Chris Torch, a workshop focused on partnerships: exploring the challenges of transnational collaboration.

15.15-15.30   Swedish frukstund

15.30-16.15   Rikke Luther. Associated Professor at The Jutland Art Academy DJK and an artist who works a lot on ”public space”. The project “The Learning Site” focuses on the local conditions in which its art practice is located. This entails a critical examination of the material resources and economies available within specific situations.


16.15-16.30   Marie Wik from Region Blekinge about European funding.

16.30-17.30   The economy and synergy-effects. Annika Thelin.

Information channels and challenges. Ingemar Lönnbom.

Updates on the catalogue & Spin-off-effects of co-operation. Torun.


19.00             Dinner at restaurant Castello, the water tower.







09.30-10.00   Gathering with coffee and sandwich. Moderator Emelie Trossö

10.00-10.30   Presentation of Art Line. Torun Ekstrand

10.30-11.00   Martin Koplin: Smart, Clever, Creative - Instruments to improve innovative cooperation systems. Director of the M2C Institute for Applied Media Technology and Culture at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen. Martin Koplin is also researcher in Residence at the BxmC Brooklyn Experimental Media Center of the Polytechnic Institute of NYU and Director of the think tank ”Think Beta – Evolution of Smart Cities”.


11.00-11.30   John Peter Nilsson: Why is the neighbour often a stranger?

John Peter Nilsson is the Museum director of Moderna Museet Malmö


11.30-12.00   Presentation Museet for SamtidskunstSanne Kofod Olsen, museum director.             Museet for Samtidskunst/Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde launched in 2013 the project Museum in the City (Museet går i byen). The main intention of the project apart from bringing cutting edge contemporary art into public space and eye is to present these often unknown forms of art to a broader audience. The project is based on ideas of new institutionalism and focus on both experience, participation and mediation. The museum works exclusively with conceptual and performative art forms, its documentation and conservation.


12.00-12.30   CCA Laznia Residencies at Nowy Port. Aleksandra Księżopolska.

12.30-13.30   Lunch at Greven/the Count. Marcus Fredriksson, Stena Line, makes an intervention.

13.30-14.30   Per HåkanssonMaker Culture – When Art & Technology Converge!                                Per Håkansson is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, lecturer and maker focused on the business of emerging technologies and business transformation. He trains executives from Fortune 500 across the world in the digital and maker mindset, exploring both software and hardware innovation. Per also facilitates undergraduate and graduate workshops at Hyper Island, Loyola Marymount University among others. Previously, he was product manager at Yahoo! and head of product development at Blurb. He lives with his family in San Francisco.

14.30-17.00   Workshops on 3 topics.

  • Baltic residencies
  • Baltic Biennale
  • Art and digital media technologies; Art & Science

Coffee during the workshops in three locations of the museum.


17.00             Conclusions and the future activities in Art Line.