Realized this weekend in Gdansk: Hydro Active City

The Radunia canal in Gdansk, where it all will happen 31st of May – 2nd of June.
Photo 2012 by magro_kr

“Hydro Active City” is an innovative exhibition in public space, using the latest tools and mobile technologies (tablets, smartphones, wi-fi), which will be held in Gdansk, Poland on 31st May – 2nd June.

Water is an element that both connects and divides all partners of ART LINE project, in which frames the contest was conducted. This motif has become a natural source of inspiration for artistic exploration of hydroactive art works, understood as inspired by water in the broadest sense of the term – geographical, chemical, hydrological, literary or symbolic. An ”active” element requires the artists to create works that engage the viewer and not just put them in the passive situation of a viewer. The artworks in a natural way will weave into the urban fabric and will revitalise the passage, running along the Radunia river canal, between Heveliusza and Krosna street.

The competition was organised by the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre within the international art project, ART LINE. Out of 50 proposals from Poland, Sweden, Germany, Lithuania, Russia and Denmark, an international jury panel chose 4 projects that have been completed and will be presented at the exhibition:
the Little Ice Age, Olga Warabida & Mariusz Samól (Poland)
Message in a bottle, Maciej Wojnicki (Poland)
Water Memory, Piotr Wyrzykowski (Poland)
Post-Fishing Post, Justinas Gaigalas and Rytis Urbanskas (Lithuania)-honorable mention.

Preparing for the festival connected to the HAC, Iwona Zajac, Piotr Jagielski and Marek Iwanowski.
Photo Magda Małyjasiak.

The post-contest exhibition “Hydro active city” will be accompanied by a Digital Forms Festival, presenting in public space interactive installations inspired by water. To participate in this event we have invited: Iwona Zając, Marcin Dymiter & Franczak Ludomir Franczak, Honorata Martin, Alina Zemojdzin & Artur Trzcinski, Kamila Chomicz & Krzysztof Topolski, Hertzsmertz & Ebola Ape. Mazzoll and Fluidations, C4030.

The exhibition opens in the afternoon on 31st May, 2013 and lasts until 2nd June, 2013 . The work will be presented to viewers in the afternoon, and each day will end the evening surprise. We encourage participants to bring their own tablets and Smartphones (prepared applications will work on Android). For viewers who do not have such equipment, the organiser will provide to enable them participation.

Read the programme here.