Hydro Active City – och vinnarna är…

Juryn har nu beslutat vilka tre bidrag som vann tävlingen Hydro Active City. Den sammanträdde 19-20 februari 2013 och juryn består av:

Anna Zalewska-Andruszkiewicz (PL), Jacob Lillemose (DEN), Ryszard W. Kluszczyński (PL) och Peter Hagdahl (SE). De valde tre vinnande projekt som nedan presenteras i slumpmässig ordning. De kommer att förverkligas och ställas ut i Gdansk i maj 2013:

• ”Message in a Bottle” av Maciej Wojnicki (Polen)

Juryns motivering:

“Message in a bottle is a project based on a custom designed social interaction tool combined of a dedicated mobile app and a website. User is given virtual bottle where one can drop messages (sentences, questions, short stories, images). Message is instantly and virtually packed into a bottle and dropped into the river. Bottle floats down the river (Radunia canal) until it gets stranded somewhere by the shore populating the riverside. Visitors walk along, discover messages of unknown authors, answer them, put back into bottles and send further, throwing back down to the river. Soon the bottle gets stranded again, another visitor finds it in a different place with original message and it`s replies, if he joins the conversation the bottle flows further.

• ”Water Memory” av Piotr Wyrzykowski (Polen)

Juryns motivering:

“The project is based on augmented reality system allowing to layer multimedia content on the live image from the camera mobile device. I would like to create a virtual (…) space located in a certain location of Gdansk next to the Radunia canal. The viewer entering the location with tablet or smartphone in his hands will virtually dive underwater. By walking and changing the position of the device he/she will explore the underwater world full of floating memories and stories. The underwater world – will be filled with photos, postcards, letters, everyday things floating in a water. All those items will build a narrative descriptions of important formative memories from local history experience, from the collective memory of Gdansk. “

• ”Little Ice Age” av Olga Zofia Warabida & Mariusz Samól (Polen)

Juryns motivering:

“Sound installation made of movement sensors which will activate hidden sound system by pedestrians crossing the path through Radunia river canal. Depending on people’s movement, sounds of walking on ice will overlap and become stronger until they leave the interactive pole and the sound fades away. Our inspiration were winters of the century (…) when it was  conceivably possible to cross the Baltic Sea on foot through ice. (…) Sound characteristic of this installation is meant to revive and stimulate audience’s imagination.”

Juryn beslutade också att ge ett hedersomnämnande till projektet ”Post-Fishing-Post” av Justinas Gaigalas och Rytis Urbanskas (Litauen) och rekommenderade att den också får förverkligas om budgeten så tillåter.

Juryns motiveringar som pdf.