Kulturcentrum Ronneby


Kulturcentrum is, with it´s 1400 square metres, one of the largest art exhibition halls in the southern parts of Sweden. It hosts exhibitions all year around and it has got three workshop-areas for artists to use; textile-, graphic arts- and enamel workshops. In cooperation with a neighbouring art-society, courses are arranged for the general public. Kulturcentrum also function as a venue for concerts, theatre-shows, lectures and more.

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Partners role within project Art Line:

Kulturcentrum Ronneby (KR) will organise, plan and coordinate longer workshops for artists; workshops that will combine art, digital media, laboratories in Science parks of Blekinge and industry in Elblag. Through co-operation with laboratories, experiments will be undertaken with artists from the South-Baltic region. Swedish Water Jet laboratory will offer up advanced 3D cutting with water, and the MAD-studio (Machine Art Design) will offer up 3D-modelling and prototyping in 3D printers, 3D scanners.
KR will be part of organising the workshops/presentations of artists in Kaliningrad and Vilnius. KR will organise one workshop on the ferry where passengers will be engaged in digital 3D-work and modelling. KR will cooperate with Art Centre Gallery EL. An exhibition of both innovative processes, artistic collaborations and the works of art produced, will be arranged.


Secretary/curator at the Cultural department in the municipality of Ronneby. Responsible for exhibitions and events at Kulturcentrum.

anna-lena.andersson@ ronneby.se

Ecomomist at the municipality of Ronneby


Assistant at the Cultural department in the municipality of Ronneby. Responsible of advertising and marketing. Webmaster at Kulturcentrum.