Workshops in Kaliningrad

Workshop about public art in Kaliningrad

A workshop exploring public art in Russia, Poland and Sweden was held in Kaliningrad in December 2012. Art institutions exchanged working methods and experiences from different perspectives. There were presentations of public space projects and art practices as well as discussions on curatorial strategies, decision-structures, guerilla-actions, state and private-funding, permanent and temporary public art.


Workshop about the re-location of Telling the Baltic in Kaliningrad

Artists and curators from Russia, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden met in a workshop about the Telling the Baltic-exhibition. BB NCCA Kaliningrad planned for site-specific installations and re-location of the exhibition to several buildings and a ship of the Museum of the Ocean, and to the Kronprinztower. Visits to the different places were made. BB NCCA Kaliningrad will create a new map for both the exhibition and Kaliningrad.

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