Telling the Baltic in Kaliningrad

Unique international collaboration.

In a unique collaborative of art institutions, academia, museums and sea travelers around the Baltic Sea have gathered with the narrative as a starting point. ”Telling the Baltic” is structured into several parts, with a collection of stories as a start, workshops for artists and storytellers as the next part and finally an exhibition touring in Europe. An exhibition which will be constantly changing in shape and number of artists in different locations.

Stories from fishermen, lighthouse keepers, marine scientists, captains, ferry personnel, sailors, islanders and shipyard workers have been collected by artists, scientists, museum curators and journalists using different methods. There is a chorus of individual voices that have been heard, far from the solemnity of history books. Eventually, all the stories will be published on the internet.

The project was developed in working with artists in several workshops.

The stories have served as a basis and inspiration for the artists who

created new works for the exhibition. The exploration of the researcher’s and the artist’s working methods, as well as the exchange of stories and cultural identities have been the starting point of the cooperation.

A total of 27 artists from Poland, Sweden, Lithuania, Russia, Germany and Denmark participated in the process. The number of artists varies from place to place.

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