That Which Lives In Me przez Dmitry Bulatov & Alexey Chebykin

THAT WHICH LIVES IN ME, 2011, 4:38 min

That Which Lives In Me uses Augmented Reality technologies to enable dynamic rearrangement of real and virtual spaces. Dmitry Bulatov and Alexey Chebykin have augmented the shells of Achatina Fulica snails with an electronic presence, adding an interactive layer of digital visual information. The image of the snails in their constructed environment is determined by the snails’ behavior and the intensity of their inter-communication.

Dmitry Bulatov (RU); born 1968 in Kaliningrad,; Master of Science 1992, Aviation University, Riga, Latvia; lives and works in Kaliningrad.

Alexey Chebykin (RU); born 1961 in Lysva, Perm Krai; Master of Architecture 1987, Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, St.Petersburg; lives and works in Kaliningrad.

That Which Lives In Me is a part of the Art Line project Space Matters.