Welcome to the Final Conference in Gdansk

Gdansk: Welcome to the Final Conference! Art Line comes to a formal end by the end of March 2014. Already the 4th and 5th of February the project will conduct its Final Conference which takes place in Gdansk, Poland.

The conference presents an impressive program with works of art, speeches, workshops etc. The Flagship project Art Line will also be duly celebrated and presented in a brand new catalogue, which will be released at the conference.

There will also be formal meetings and workshops with discussions about a possible future Art Line extension. Art Line itself will of course live on via the catalogue IRL and online together with the website, which will be maintained at least to the end of this decade.

The participants at the conference will experience not only works of art, but also a brand new video documentary about Art Line. Art works will be seen in three different venues, at Laznia CCA, Gdansk City Gallery and St. John’s church.

The Art Line catalogue is a 260 pages book which extensively describes the whole project and all of its subprojects. There is also an extended version online with even more essays and artworks. They will both be on display.