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Video: Augmented Reality storytelling in Gdansk

17 South Baltic projects – among them Art Line – inspire more than 400 school students from Denmark, Lithuania and Poland with the idea of cross-border co-operation. Here you can watch a video from The South Baltic Edutainment Day 2013, which took place on 18th September 2013 in Gdansk.

This day was the pivotal contribution of the South Baltic Programme to a series of events all over Europe to celebrate the European co-operation. 17 South Baltic projects came up with compelling ideas how to inspire young people to pursue the virtues of maritime cross-border co-operation. Hundreds of school students aged between 12 and 19 immersed themselves into the world of cross-border maritime mobility and affinity, education and culture, innovation and sustainability, prosperity and unity.

Art Line can be spotted in the first minute of the video, where students use laptops and Ipads in order to experience a new dimension of storytelling:

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