Komunikat prasowy

AR Workshop in Karlskrona

European Cooperation Day was celebrated in several ways whithin the Art Line project. In Karlskrona, students from Blekinge Institute of Technology at a workshop collaborated with pupils from the local high school Mikael Elias. The scene of the workshop was Blekinge County Museum and the task was to re-imagine the past via augmented reality.

This was the first of two planned workshops, and started with an introduction and a guided tour through the central parts of Karlskrona, which is a World Heritage. Ola Palmgren from Blekinge County Museum gave the students a lively picture of what life was like for the people here in the hay days of the naval city.

Back at the museum, work groups were formed and the new knowledge about the city was supplemented with old photographs, provided by Jonas Eckerbom, photographic antiquarian. The groups worked with different ideas how to use modern technique in order to re-imagine the past.

A second part of the workshop is planned for October 14.

More pictures from the workshop can be found at the Art Line Flickr’ account.