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Little Ice Age, Olga Warabida & Mariusz Samól (Poland)

Little Ice Age is a sound installation that serves as a surreal intervention into the fabric of the city. Artists drew inspiration for their work from historical records according to which the past, winters in our climate were so severe that it was possible to travel between Sweden and Poland across the frozen Baltic sea. Therefore, at the height of a spring time in Gdansk pedestrians walking on the footbridge over the Radunia canal, connecting Rybaki Dolne and Górne Streets, will have the opportunity to experience a truly winter-like situation and revive feelings accompanying the act of crossing the frozen Baltic Sea. Participants’ bodies will serve as interfaces, which bring installation into life, and the triggered sound will change the perception of reality.

Sound: Anna Suda.

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Message in a bottle.

Message in a bottle, Maciej Wojnicki (Poland)

“Message in a bottle is a project based on a custom designed social interaction tool combined of a dedicated mobile app and a website. User is given virtual bottle where one can drop messages (sentences, questions, short stories, images). Message is instantly and virtually packed into a bottle and dropped into the river. Bottle floats down the river (Radunia canal) until it gets stranded somewhere by the shore populating the riverside. Visitors walk along, discover messages of unknown authors, answer them, put back into bottles and send further, throwing back down to the river. Soon the bottle gets stranded again, another visitor finds it in a different place with original message and it`s replies, if he joins the conversation the bottle flows further.“

Water Memory, Piotr Wyrzykowski (Poland)

“Water memory” is an interactive art project that uses a specially designed app for tablets through which the viewer is transferred into a virtual world – “augmented reality”. The inspiration for this art piece was a pseudoscientific hypothesis stating  that water has an ability to collect and store information. “Water memory” offers viewers a sentimental journey into the history, which will be rediscovered, when wandering streets of Oslek. By using the programmed application, the real image captured by the tablet camera layers with an imaginary underwater world, full of memorabilia and signs of the past. Water becomes a perceptual filter through which the wiever is visually and audibly “immersed” in a non-linear narrative created by the artist.

Water Memory.

Application for Android: Toucan Systems / Audio: Krzysztof Topolski – Arszyn / Narrative path: Mieczyslaw Abramowicz.
Post-Fishing Post, Justinas Gaigalas and Rytis Urbanskas (Lithuania)

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Mozemorze is an installation based on the analysis of language and its onomatopoetic aspect, on the image of the sound of the sea. The project moves and emphasises conventionality and delusion of a created situation, and, at the same time, the power of imagination, suggestibility of human voices that carry us into the world of individual’s imagination. It is meant to bring relief from the hustle and bustle of the city, focus attention on the voice of other people, but also to move to an imaginary world. Abstract rush, an attempt to appeal to the real sound of the sea, deepens the conventionality of an event. However, it is to stir up the imagination, enter into the realm of dreams of a blue vastness, close to your eyes and believe that it is the sound of the sea.

May 31 – June 2 20.00 Baltic sea cultural centre, Korzenna 33/35 street, Gdansk.

Dowody – Honorata Martin

An installation for voyeurs. A video trapped in a darkroom like a photograph. A fleeting moment. A moment of ecstasy. A moment of terror. Emotions in a box. Water has cleansing properties, gives peace, tranquility. Water, dark water, arouses fear, hides secrets. “I can soak for hours in a lake but I never swim out too far where I cannot see a lakebed.”

May 31 – June 2 20.00 (8 p.m)/BSCC Parking lot, Bielanska street, Gdansk.

OKNA – WINDOWS  Kamila Chomicz, Krzysztof Topolski

The theme of the audio-visual projection is water, its structure and presence in nature. The film is accompanied by a soundtrack, composed in the sounds of water. Projection, both on a visual and sound layer remains for a period of time invisible and inaudible. As it gets darker, there slowly emerge shapes and sounds.

May 31 – June 2 20.00 (8 pm) at theBSCC Parking lot, Bielanska street, Gdansk.

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Hertzschmertz & Ebola Ape – the tresures and shipwrecks – marine audio-visual stories

Treasures and shipwrecks is an audio-visual tandem comprising of Agata Krolak (Hertzschmertz) and Ebola Ape. In the course of a performance the artists will submerge us deep  in the dense images and sounds to show a sea full of anxieties, dark secrets, broken hearts and promises. There will be a lot of contrasts, contradictions and idiosyncrasies, because the sea is variable and treacherous, and its bottom await treasures and shipwrecks.

May 31 21.30 (9.30 pm) BSCC Parking lot, Bielanska street, Gdansk

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Shipyard on air – the famous (now demolished) mural.

Shipyard On Air, Iwona Zając
1-2 June 2013, 4.00-8.00 pm / corner of Jana z Kolna street, Gdansk

On the 18th of January 2013 a wall with the „Shipyard” mural (2004-2012) on it was demolished. As a result of that I felt an urge to revisit this project.
I searched out 8-year old tapes with testimonies of shipyard workers. Recorded in the halls of the shipyard using the most basic dictaphone, their audio quality wasn’t the best.
Restored, but not completely stripped of distortions and shipyard noises, they will be broadcasted as a recorded voice of the people that have by and large left the shipyard.
Thanks to co-operation with Radio Gdansk we will be able to listen to these recordings on the grounds of the non-existent shipyard wall.
I would like the transmitter artwork to remain in the city space permanently.
The „Shipyard” mural is a work of art that became strongly associated with Gdansk city scape. I’ve been approached by people who asked for the mural-related materials to be publicly accessible. The result was a www.stoczniaweterze.com website in both Polish and English. It contains transcripts, recorded testimonies of the workers as well as a photographic documentation of the „Shipyard” mural and a free digital „Shipyard”catalogue. This way I’d like to preserve a part of history of our city and of the people that live in it.

June 1-2 2013, 16.00-20.00 (4.00-8.00 pm) / corner of Jana and Kolna street, Gdansk

Hydro Laboratory

“Hydro laboratory” is an opportunity to discover and explore the fascinating world of nature and technology. The artistic duo wtih a scientific flair will demonstrate dry ice and warm ice, how a cloud is formulatied, what shape and colour water has, why some objects sink while others float on the surface. We encourage adults and children to participate in the experiments.

June 1, 17.00-19.00, on the square behind NOT, Wodopoj street, Gdansk.

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Liquid video session by the one minutes

In BSCC gallery a unique relaxation space will be created, where soothing images will roll spectators in the rhythm of waves. In this space visitors will be invited to have a spirit purifying audio-visual bathe, relax, take a break and collect thoughts. The Liquid video session thematic compilation is a journey through one-minute stories with “liquid” element, selected specially for Digital Forms Festival.

June 1 20.00 (8 pm) BSCC Gallery, Korzenna 33/35, Gdansk.

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Evening, outdoor audio-visual show will submerge in the harmony of clarinet and analogue visualizations. The performance of Jerzy Mazzoll and Ebert brothers will be connected by a water theme, which will exist both in music and visualizations. Spectacular methodology used in the artists’ work makes not only sound and image fascinating, but also the creative process itself. Fluidations is an analog visualization arising from liquids created to live music. In their performance, Egbert brothers extracts beauty arising on the borderline between fluid and light. Using a variety of substances, the take advantage of their chemical and physical properties. In this way, the analogue limitations become a mean to achieve unique animation.

June 1 21.30 (9.30 pm) BSCC parking lot, Bielanska street, Gdansk.

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The audio-visual project Total Sound Space is all about creative converting, “recycled” reality in the visual and audio space, using commonly available objects. The project is inspired by the city space and water motif, whose presence in the structure of the city fills the limited space with a discrete sound. It pulses, vibrates, interferes. We’ll look it and listen. The Radunia channel will become a point of reference for our actions. We will attempt to incorporate in educational activity to creatively transform the image of sound.

June 2, 21.30 (9.30 pm) cape by a Small Mill Wielke Mlyny Gdansk.

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Coloroscopes Alina Zemojdzin & Artur Trzcinski

Coloroscopes is the easiest way to put an analogue visuals created live to music. Artists use techniques of mixing colorful liquids and oily substances giving unique visual effects. This time they will take us on a journey to distant an unknown corners of the universe in search of water and life. Images will be accompanied by intriguing sounds of nature: from gurgle from the bottom of the earth to vibrations from interstellar space.

June 2 21.30 (9.30 pm) 17 Rybaki Gorne street 17, Gdansk.

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