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# MIXITUPFEST international art festival with augmented reality in Karlskrona

Smart phones, tablets and apps gives artists new opportunities to create realities we have not seen before. What was science fiction in the morning is a reality for lunch. The future of culture presented to the public for three days in Karlskrona in two different realities, the physical and the digital meet.

From Friday to Sunday, Karlskrona residents and anyone else who visits the city to have the opportunity to experience how the digital and the physical world are merging. In a three-day festival called # MIXITUPFEST with most varied elements – both tangible and dreamy – everybody is welcome to view or participate in a variety of activities in different locations in central Karlskrona and at BTH college.

The event has attracted participants from all over the world. Among them are drama scholars from Georgia Tech University in the U.S., as well as one of the world’s foremost experts in the field of “augmented reality” Professor Jay Bolter.

The international art project Art Line, part-financed by the EU and with partners in five countries around the Baltic Sea, is behind this digital festival together with Blekinge Institute of Technology. Whoever moves in central Karlskrona during the weekend will be able to take part in various installations and performances, but also take an active part in the creation.

Examples include the use of digital technologies in contemporary performing arts, an advanced digital room where you can take a “bath” without water, dance, music, video in various formats where the different realities meet.

Applications and more information about the three-day festival is the Art Line website:


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/events/140299872829923/

We include also a “short program” with descriptions of the festival’s content.

Questions about # MIXITUPFEST to Art Line Communications Ingemar Lönnbom:

Mobile: 0708 310392

email: ingemar.lonnbom @ Artline-southbaltic.eu
Ingemar Lönnbom
Information officer
Art Line

ingemar.lonnbom @ Artline-southbaltic.eu

telephone: +46 708 310392

Art Line

Lead partner Blekinge Museum
Borgmästaregatan 21
SE-371 35 Karlskrona, Sweden

South Baltic Cross-Border Programme
Part Financed by the European Union (ERDF)