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Art Line is now a Flagship project in the EU

The art project Art Line with partners from the countries around the Baltic Sea has now been officially appointed a Flagship project in the EU. This is very rare, not  least since Art Line is a cultural project. This is also the first time that a cultural project achives this status in the South Baltic Cross-Border programme.

Art Line is now also a part of the action plan for the new Baltic Sea Strategy – “Action Plan for the Baltic Region”. Through Art Line culture has been acknowledged as an important part of the developement power in the region. (EUSBSR The European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, the first macro-regional strategy in Europe). Art Line is one of six Flagships projects in the South Baltic Cross-Border programme.

- The appointment is a statement that culture plays an important role in the joint efforts for making the south Baltic region an attractive place to live, work and visit, says project leader Torun Ekstrand. We and our partners around the Baltic sea are very happy about this, and we are convinced that this type of project is a good way to cooperate.

Art Line is an international art project. No less than 14 partners from 5 countries around the Baltic Sea have created a co-operative platform for art and academia in Poland, Sweden, Germany, Russia and Lithuania. One of the important achievements so far is a growing network between the institutions. The project has also led to opportunities for artists, who have been able to present themselves in new contexts, interacting with people in public space, on the internet, in exhibitions, and on the Stena Line ferries between Gdynia and Karlskrona. Thus the public in the participating countries has been given new opportunities experiencing contemporary art of high quality. The project period is 2011-2013, but the network and the platforms the project has created will live much longer than that.

Art Line is a Flagship-project in the EU and also a part of the Action Plan for the Baltic Sea Strategy. Art Line is seen as a high quality project with a focus on contemporary art and will serve as a role model for art co-operation in Europe. Art Line is establishing a platform for future collaborations in between art and academy and for artists.

Criterias that have been taken into consideration in the nomination process are:

  • partnerships are based on mutual learning.
  • how cooperation has made the results stronger.
  • that the results achieved are applicable/of interest beyond the specific local and national context.
  • the project focuses on ”life after the end of the project” aspects.

Links to more information:

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