Baltic Sea Cultural Centre- BSCC

The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre- BSCC


The Baltic Sea Culture Centre in Gdansk (the BSCC) is a public cultural institution of the Pomorskie Voivodeship. It promotes culture and deals with organising cultural cooperation between the region and other countries, especially those on the Baltic Sea. Among our major undertakings there are musical, literary, scientific, art and film projects. The events organised by BSCC refer to such issues as national stereotypes and neighbourhood problems, regional and European roots of cultural legacy of Pomerania and memory of the past as an element of contemporary culture.

The Centre’s seat is the 16th century Old Town Hall, which is one of the few Renaissance buildings in Gdansk that survived the war. Restored due to our efforts, St. John’s church accommodates St. John’s Centre. This amazing space hosts concerts, exhibitions and other various cultural events.

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Partners role within project Art Line:

The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre (the BSCC) will organise competitions for digital media in public art projects together with partners in Cross Media. The focus will be on innovative use of digital media in interaction with an audience, in which BSCC has experience. The competition will be a process in two stages. BSCC will arrange a temporary digital media art-festival and contests for producing a digital art event in the suburban sleeping areas of Gdansk. It will be directed towards artists and art- and technology students, and art works should be executed in free programs available on the internet. BSCC will compile a South Baltic-jury and the projects will also be presented on the digital platform, free to be downloaded by visitors. In the open competition no. 2, BSCC will organise the screening/ presentation of the new South Baltic digital public artwork. The winning project will be shown in the partner countries at the same time.

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