Kalmar konstmuseum


Kalmar konstmuseum is the regional museum for art in Kalmar County. The Museum exhibitis international contemporary art, curates shows that mirror the regional art scene and display artworks from the collections of Kalmar Art Association. The mission is to promote the understanding and enjoyment of visual art, and to stimulate and inspire own thoughts and reflections. Kalmar konstmuseum is situated within Stadsparken (the town park) and has a spectacular view over the castle bay and Kalmar Castle.

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Partners role within project Art Line:

Kalmar konstmuseum (Kk) will work with the implementation of art concepts related to the possibilities of new media based in real space. They will make it in 3 steps; the first two steps will be “beta-tests”, not only tests on how to work with new media in the real space, but also functioning as tests for the digital platform. Step three will work as a conclusive presentation of the project, which we will back up with arranging a seminar focusing on the critical strategies of the meeting with the public in public space. Hands-on experiments with audience will be performed in Kalmar, and also shown globally as online projects. The projects will be developed in cooperation with partners in Cross Media. Kk will arrange 3 presentations of digital media and art on the Stena Line ferry. They will commission several art projects for the digital art platform in conjunction with the events. In the final phase Kk will produce and organise an exhibition.


Curator at Kalmar Konstmuseum

britt.soderberg@ kalmarkonstmuseum.se

In charge of graphical production and visual communication at Kalmar Konstmuseum


Economist at Kalmar Konstmuseum