Online lectures: Towards the Third Culture, the Co-Existence of Art, Science and Technology

Saturday the 18th of June The Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm will host a conference discussing the interchange between art and science. Previous month, in May, Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art hosted a conference on the same theme, held at Artus Court in Gdansk, Poland.

During two days academics from various fields of science as well as artists held lectures on the topic of art and science. In relation to the conference three exhibitions were shown. These were The Pleasure of Light, Performing Data and Blue Morph.

Photographs from conference at Art Lines Flickr-page.

Recap of conference

Victoria Vesna – Blue Morph, Self Organized Criticality

James Gimzewski- Blue Morph and Self Organized Criticality

Wolfgang Strauss- Cyberculture as a World Culture needs Art, Science and Technology

Roger Malina- From Art to Science and Back: A Problem in Translation?

Michael Punt- The Technological Imaginary and Popular Challenges to the Cultural Norms

Malin Jogmark – The Posthuman Dermis – Reflections on Shelley Jackson’s “SKIN” as a Cyborgian and Distributed Narrative

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Lissa Holloway Attaway- Motile Mapping: Affect, Interface, and (Post-)Human Trace

Edwin Bendyk – Anthropocene Art

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Kuba Bąkowski – Psychokinetic Synergy. Mental Sculpture in the public space

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Torun Ekstrand – About Art Line

Closing discussion-panel

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