Space Matters

Information in Swedish on Karlskrona Konsthalls website.

Space Matters is a continuation of a public art-event, entitled Space Matters I, that was arranged by Art Line in the public space of Karlskrona on the 13th of October 2011. During Summer 2012, Space Matters will pick up where Space Matters I left off.

Public spaces and digital media

Historically, the public square was a focal meeting place. It used to be the very symbol of a free and open space for deliberation and communication of ideas and experiences. Today this former symbol of free-flowing communication has increasingly come to be stunned by the burden of having to bear up ad-campaigns and homogenic sites of consumption. Instead, the Internet, and especially social medias such as Facebook, YouTube and Wikipedia, have jacketed the role of the public space. As a consequence many contemporary artists have started working in relation to this new digital, public space.

During summer 2012, from 30 June – 19 August, this shift from real to digital, or rather what the interstice of this meeting may look like, will be visually communicated in containers set up at various locations in the public space of the city of Karlskrona in Blekinge, southern Sweden.

Nicola Bergström Hansen (SE): Over the Rainbow
Dmitry Bulatov & Alexey Chebykin (RU): That Which Lives in Me
Nug & Pike (SE): Best Things in Life for Free
Mateusz Pęk (PL): Windows Eclipse
Grant Watkins (SE): Go Beyond Conceptualized Thought
Ruben Wätte (SE): Space Control

Oscar Guermouche (SE)

Ruben Wätte, Space Control

Ruben Wätte, Space Control
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