Public/private part I

January 14 and 16 2014. Workshop manager Agneiszka Wolodsko.

Participants: a group of young people from the Voluntary Labour Corps.

Workshop for students in  the age of 17-18, is organized in the same time in Gdansk (Poland) and Karlskrona (Sweden).
Workshop led by: Agnieszka Wołodźko, artist, curator at Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art in Gdansk.
Time o realisation: January 2014.
The workshop will help participants to draw the line between what in our lives relates to reside in the reside in the community and is put “for a show”, and what is private. We will seek answers to the questions: in what area we want to meet with others, where these meetings take place, which part of the life we want to preserve for ourselves and how we want to communicate to others what relates to our privacy. The area of our discussion will be the physical space as well as the Internet undestood as a virtual reflection of the first.
Będziemy wspólnie pracować dyskutując, tworząc mapę, pisząc teksty i ilustrując je. Końcowym etapem będzie wspólnie przygotowana wystawa.
The work plan:
• Meeting I: Introduction, discussion on the assumptions.
• Meeting II – “Shared Space”: we will work with a map of our city, pointing to the areas that are places of our various meetings with others. We will try to answer questions: what are these places? Why do we choose them? Why do we feel good in them? What places in town are missing? What is the role of the Internet as a meeting place? In what way the Internet is different from a real place? How far it changes the type of our mutual relations?
Preparing for the meeting III: at home, participants write short texts about their private place.
• Meeting III – “Private Space”: together we read texts about the private space and discusse them. We do it in a group. Comments of colleagues are to help in a deeper look at what it is for us to have own the place.
At the end of the meeting, each participant receives a frame, which should be arranged at Home as a statement on his/her own space. This work is to consist of both text and accompanying illustrations (photographs, drawings, small objects, etc.).
• Meeting IV – exhibition. The exhibition consists of: the map created during the meeting II and frames arranged by participants. The exhibition opening will be public, so we can invite friends for it.

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