Performing Exhibitions: Displaying Digital Art and Media

BTH Research Seminar.

Free and Open to the Public.

October 26, 2012. 09.00-18.00.

“Performing Exhibitions: Displaying Digital Art and Media” is a seminar exploring exhibition, curation, and performative practices in digital art and mixed media. How does digitally-mediated art engage human actors, embodied agents, and sensory input? What factors influence exhibition and curation choices when displaying innovative art, technology and media forms? How do media artists work to enhance and/or perform liveness and human sensation? What questions do researchers explore when working with the aesthetics of techno-human interfaces? These are the questions we will examine. Featured speakers include an International range of artists, curators, researchers, and scientists working across disciplines and media contexts.

Featured Speakers:
Ada Auf Der Strasse (media artist, dancer)
Lissa Holloway-Attaway (digital media researcher/mixed media performance)
Elektro Moon Vision: Elwira Wojtunik and Popesz Csaba Láng (visual artists/live performance  duo)
Susan Kozel (media artist/researcher, dancer)
Jacob Lillemose (curator)
Jesper Norda, (sound artist)
Mateusz Pek, (digital artist)
Rebecca Rouse (digital media researcher/theater performance studies)
Daniel Spikol (computer science/digital media researcher)
Teresa Wennberg (mixed media artist/researcher)

Special Performance:
Astrid Selling Sjöberg, Kristin Borgehed (Folk Musicians)

Session Moderators:
Maria Engberg, Talan Memmott (Senior Lecturers, BTH, Digital Culture and Communication)

Seminar Program:
09.00-09.15: Welcome, Lissa Holloway-Attaway
09.15-09.45:Jacob Lillemose (via Skype)
09.45-10.15: Teresa Wennberg
10.15-10.45: Rebecca Rouse

10.45-11.15: Coffee Break

11.15-11.45: Elektro Moon Vision (Elwira Wojtunik and Popesz Csaba Láng)
11.45-12.15: Q&A, Discussion (Maria Engberg, Moderator)

12.15-13.30: Lunch

13.30-14.15: Mateusz Pek (Discussion, Installation Demo)
14.15-15.00: Lissa Holloway-Attaway, Daniel Spikol (Astrid Selling Sjöberg, Kristin Borgehed)

15.00-15.30: Coffee Break

15.30-16.00: Jesper Norda
16.00-16.30: Susan Kozel
16.30-17.00: Ada Auf Der Strasse
17.00-17.30: Q&A, Discussion (Talan Memmott, Moderator)
17.30: Final Reflections

This seminar is sponsored by the Department of Culture and Communication at BTH and by Art Line, an EU-funded project exploring art in public, physical and virtual space in the southern Baltic region.

For information, contact: Lissa Holloway-Attaway, BTH

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