Performing Data

Performing Data is a review of Monika Fleischmann┬┤s and Wolfgang Strauss┬┤artistic body of work: works from Virtual Reality (Home of the Brain) up to Mixed Reality (Murmuring Fields) from Fluid Interface (Liquid Views) up to Floating Interface (Medienfluss).

Monika Fleischmann and Wolfgang Strauss from the German Fraunhofer IAIS research institute shows us an intersection of the body and immaterial digital data. Immersion in data flow causes productive moments of disturbance and suspension, and consequently – a feeling of real physical presence.

In Polish.

Photographs of Performing Data on Art Lines Flickr page.

Monika Fleischmann and Wolfgang Strauss explaining Home of the Brain

The Mars Project

Liquid Views, both and sensor

Liquid Views, caption on screen.

Energy Meter

The Mars Project



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