Jan Chwałczyk Sunlight Reactor application

Look at the changing light. Listen to the colours.

Jan Chwałczyk’s “Sunlight Reactor” sculpture was unveiled in 2013 as part of the ART LINE project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the 2007-2013 South Baltic Cross-Border Cooperation Program.

Located in Dolinka Park in Elbląg (Poland), the work belongs to the city’s open-air gallery of spatial forms.

The Sunlight Reactor is a unique light trap. Its essential structural element is a white metal screen on which sunrays are projected after bouncing off the multi-colour frame coated with reflective paint. The graphic effect of colour blending on the screen surface depends on the position of the sun and season of the year. However, in his work Chwałczyk does not only rely on painterly effects –the Sunlight Reactor is also (or perhaps primarily) a sculpture situated in a public space. Unifying the values characteristic of both painting and sculpture, this artwork defies unequivocal genre-based classification.

Now you can see the colours of the sculpture everywhere around the world. Thanks to the application  prepared by Maciej Wojnicki you can not only observe (according to the sunlight) the colour changes, but also listen to the colours! The lightwave lenght has beed changed into the soundwave frequency!

Observe the colours and listen to it here:

sunlight reactor
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