Three installations (part of digital art festival)

Three art installations – a part of the digital art festival in Karlskrona May 24-26 2013.

Barbarum fretum

Elektro Moon Vision ( Elwira Wojtunik Popesz Csaba Láng, Magdalena Pińczyńska)

‘Barbarum fretum’ is an interactive audiovisual installation which reacts on human presence by the illusion of filling up the space with waving sea water and taking its user to the depth of the sea. During this calm and hypnotic ‘trip’ the user discovers random historical and geological facts of the Baltic Sea.  ’Barbarum fretum’ also brings the user to different city places - via peepholes, reminding telescopes can be seen in real time the landscapes of 4 city places in countries surrounding the Baltic Sea.
The installation is based on wide-format projection technology and uses Kinekt as a detector of motion with a designed patch written by the authors in PureData - real-time graphical dataflow programming environment for audio, video, and graphical processing.


Mateusz Pek 
This installation is based on the “black and white squares” of Kazimir Malevich from the beginning of the 20th century. As we know, not very many art pieces have shown how radical ideas can change modern art and National cultural politics. This installation is a reinvention of Malevich’s medium, treating it like an ideological perpetuum mobile. Pęk shows how ideas hidden in those paintings correspond to our (Polish /Swedish) contemporary reality. They illustrate how they still change in the context of our current global economy, creating ways we experience reality.

“Light clock (25 901 514 031 485 metres in 24 hours)”

Jesper Norda

“Since light waves use all of their motion to travel through space at Light Speed, they have absolutely no motion through Time. Every photon that has ever been produced exists in an ageless state. (To us, the light seems to move through time but to the photon, time is standing still.) The universe ages, light does not.” A video starts with a single white frame – a flash of light – followed by a counter measuring how far the light will travel during the following 24 hours. The counter is updated every second, like a clock. A meditation over time, speed, light, wideness – eternity.

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