COPY-COPY / audio-visual workshops

Two workshops and a performance will take place in Galeria EL in early March.

During the workshops we will try to reproduce the image of the “Sun light reactor” – Jan Chwałczyk’s sculpture,created last year. We will create copy of the copy, by working with the multi-converted image.

Using cameras, we will work with colour – dominated vision. At the same time, we will learn to create hand-made video-mixer, that will enable us to work life with already prepared visual materials. It will be an attempt of  DIY – analogue work, without using the computer.

During sound workshops we will create the sound connected to the video prepared during video workshops. Sound will be based on image changes. Image will be sort of a script for the sound actions.

Workshops will end with live – performance in Gallery EL, on March 8th, at 18.00.

Visual workshop with Ludomir Franczak
5-8 March, 2014

Sound workshop with Marcin Dymiter
7 – 8 March, 2014

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