Baltic Goes Digital

Thematic Approach:

The theme of the contest involves the creation of an imaginary and utopian version of a “Baltic City” – i.e. a town that no longer exists or does not exist yet. Obviously, the very idea of creating a utopian city is nothing new. History knows many urban planning and architectural designs that aimed to create the perfect municipal tapestry that would be ideal for its residents. What is new is the fact that the starting point  of  our  “The  Baltic  Goes  Digital”  contest  is modern  technique  that  supports  unlimited  urban visions. Taking advantage of the fact that the internet allows us to get to know the world, we would like to  invite  artists  to  compose  interactive  spaces  combining  the  cultural  and  urban  aspects  of  cities located on the Baltic Sea. The digitally-generated cities can be both a combination of existing ones, expansions or improvements on them or a utopian vision of a single Baltic city that goes beyond our reality or remains parallel to it.
We invite artists and teams whose projects explore and redefine the public space concept. We ask whether  the  new  digitalized  public  space  offered  by  the  internet  can  be  used  to  create  and communicate art. Can works of art that function in the internet arena or are widely accessible through our mobile phones be treated in the same way as a  sculpture in the main square of a city? What new public space opportunities are offered by these new technologies? We invite artists to submit projects that explore these issues and provide interesting answers.

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