Art on board!

What: Sound Installations in all ferry cabins and on aft deck, by the horizon

What more: A storytelling room for stories around the Baltic Sea

Where: Stena Vision and Stena Spirit

Who: in the international art project Art Line

Art Line invites to individual and private listening on channel 1 of the cabins on board the Stena Vision and Stena Spirit this summer. Lukasz Szalankiewicz has created a sound piece with the title Baltic Telling Stories as a satellite to the art project and touring exhibition Telling the Baltic, which during the summer is shown at Blekinge Museum s it first stop. Szalankiewicz is a Polish sound artist and electronic music composer who often participates in festivals worldwide and produces events for other institutions.

As passenger you can also listen to a different sound installation, Baltic Sounds Good, on the aft deck. Baltic Sounds Good is a sound art-project, in which artists gathered around, on, over and under the surface of the Baltic Sea. An electro-acoustic condert was held in Galeria El in Elblag and it was live-streamed on internet. One of Poland’s finest sound artists, Krzysztof Topolski, and Maciej Olewniczak from the art gallery in Elblag led the workshop. The other participants were Mariusz Owczarek, Wiktor Piskorz, Rafał Wawrzyk, Danil Akimov and Sergey Ivanov. They visited the Marine Research in the Hel Peninsula in Poland, where the recorded sounds from the aquarium and seals. They visited the port of Hel and Gdynia before they boarded the ferry Stena Vision where Captain Tommy Kembring released the artists into backstage areas. Back at the art gallery in Elblag, Galeria EL, they composrd the joint concert as a musical score in the form of an overview plan of the ferry. You can see a movie about the workshop on board in a conference room. The film was produced by Jakub Strumiński and Edyta Machul.

Leave your story about the Baltic Sea! In cooperation with Blekinge Institute of Technology, and Blekinge Museum, we collect more stories from the sea as part of the storytelling project Telling the Baltic. 20 different postcards with motifs from the sea and coast, as well as old photographs from the Blekinge Museum archives, has been produced as inspiration. The postcards can be posted  in a special mailbox on board and will appear in some form during the exhibition which in various forms tours around the Baltic

baltic Sounds Good_Stena_line_summer_2012_Akterda¨ck
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