Art & New Technologies

Exhibition presenting ART&APPARATUS workshop
New technologies and art – discussion/presentation

- Art & Industry traditions in Elbląg – 60ties and now / spatial forms tradition – Marta Karaś/Jarosław Denisiuk, Gallery EL
- Izabela Żółcińska, Art & Apparatus workshop participant
- Jet System, Elbląg, water cutting technology
- Maciej Wojnicki, Marta Karalus, Toruń, Arduino technology

18.00 – the exhibition opens
18.45 – 20.15 – presentations:
Isabella Żółcińska, Jakob Ingemansson (Art & Apparatus)
Anders Jönsson (Blekinge Institute of Technology, Ronneby Waterjet Lab)
Maciej Wojnicki (technology Arduino)
Jaroslaw Nowak, Maciej Olewniczak (John Chwałczyka sculpture and spatial augmented reality)
20.30 – SoundLab / concert


Welcome to visit the Contemporary Art Gallery in Opole  where Izabela Żółcińska is showing “The Bodies of Rivers/Oder River”.
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