Art & Apparatus

The starting point for the international art exhibition Art & Apparatus is a workshop series (A&A 1, A&A 2 and A&A 3 to be arranged in January 2013) at Machine Art Design/MAD Studio in Karlshamn and the Swedish Waterjet Lab in Ronneby. During the workshops, which started in the fall and winter of 2011–2012, twelve artists from five Baltic Sea countries experimented with water-jet technology and 3D modeling.

The exhibition includes the objects, sketches and models that the artists developed during the workshops. Also included are works from artists who have previously made use of technical equipment and digital media in their practice. Their works include video games, robotics, internet pornography and sonar.

To see photographs from the opening, go here.

Alexey Chebykin (RU), Sylwia Galon (PL), Jakob Ingemansson (SE), Kordian Lewandowski (PL), Magnus Peterson (SE), Mariusz Bialeci (PL), Linas Kutavicius (LT), Diana Rönnberg (PL/SE), Tomasz Skorka (PL), Ruzica Zajec (DE), Izabela Żółcińska (PL)

Oscar Guermouche (SE)

Art & Apparatus is part of the project Art Line, an international cultural exchange between five countries in the Southern Baltic region; Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Russia and Sweden.

Sylwia Galon, Evolution landscape
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