Art and Apparatus I

Art and Apparatus is a series of 3 workshops in which artists will explore water-cutting technology and 3D-modelling. The workshops will be a collaboration between artists and technological research-laboratories.
Offering up their know-how, machinery and locale will be Swedish Water Jet lab in Ronneby, Sweden and MAD Studio (Machine-Art-Design), part of Netport Karlshamn AB in Karlshamn, Sweden.

The first workshop, Art and Apparatus I, was held at sea- on the Stena Line ferry, at the 14th of June. At this workshop selected artists got aquainted with the machinery, its technology and how to use it. This knowledge will later on be brought with to the following workshops, Art and Apparatus II and III, in which the artists will get a chance to produce artifacts using offered technology.

The chosen artists taking part in the workshop(s) are:

Alexey Chebykin (Russia)
Jakob Ingemansson (Sweden)
Kordian Lewandowski, (Poland)
Linus Kutavicius (Lithuania), website.
Magnus Petersson (Sweden), website.
Mariusz Białecki (Poland)
Ruzica Zajec (Germany), website.
Sylwia Galon (Poland), website.
Tomasz Skórka (Poland), website.

Tomasz Skórka

Kordian Lewandowski



Ruzica Zajec

Peter Bengtsson and Kordian Lewandowski discussing.

Peter Bengtsson and his reflection informing about Mad Studio.

Anders Jönsson informing about waterjet-cutting technology.

Anders Jönsson and Peter Bengtsson.

Continued discussion.

Cake. Possibly cut up with water.

Group photography at ferry-deck.

Magnus Petersson

Mariusz Białecki

Alexey Chebykin

Sylwia Galon

Art And Apparatus 13 juni 2011 Ferry 126
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