Art in public space – whatever that is?

Curator: exhibition leader Martin Schibli

Art in public space – whatever that is?
Starting at the 19th of May at various places in Kalmar.

On one hand the workshops is trying to test out and try out public space, but what actually means “public”? If you talk about public spaces in Sweden, it is usually about permanent artworks such as in parks or roundabouts. But common public places can also mean libraries, museums, private shopping areas or digital spaces. Some works nearly vanish; others are not even considered art. Many artworks only last for a minute, others stay all summer. Art also appears differently in varied contexts. The exhibition has the aim to show the significance and function as well as posing questions about the possibilities of art in public spaces.

“Art in public spaces– whatever that is?” is part of “Artline” an international project with partners from five Baltic countries from 2011 till 2013.
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Exhibition leader: Martin Schibli, 0480 426288

Friday 18th of May 16:00-18:00
Heath Bunting, Tree climbing Workshop

Saturday 19th of May
Emmeli Person – Celebration of the Roundabout, 12:00
Gustav Hellberg – Nyinvigning In your head, 14:30
What can art do for the Real?
15:00 Paneldiskussion:
Participants: Heath Bunting, artist, England / Asa Elzen, artist/ Marina Naprushkina,
artists Belarus / Stanisław Ruksza – artistic leader of Kronika, centrum for contemporary art
i Bytom, Poland/ Martin Schibli, exhibition leader, Kalmar Artmuseum. Moderator: Johanna Karlin (discussions in English)
Marina Naprushkina Vernissage, Kalmar Art museum summer exhibition Self-governing (not part of Art Line) 17.00
Klas Eriksson Lost Performance 19.30

Sunday, 20th of May
Heath Bunting Lawfull Identities 12:00-18:00 (20 platser, anmälan krävs)

2nd of June
Karolina Bregula Runda with explanation about public

8-9th of June
Ingela Irhman Jättenäckrosen Victoria flowers in Kalmar!
Skälby greenhouse 19:00

15th of June
Helle Kvamme Vernissage Floating studio 14:00

27th of June
Greta Weibull
The Jenny Nystrom Edition 12:00

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