Gdansk City Gallery

Gdansk City Gallery


Gdańska Galeria Miejska, or Gdańsk City Gallery opened in March 2009. It consists of three branches located in the heart of Gdańsk, and has got an artistic programme that consists of various fine arts events.

For more information go to Gdańska Galeria Miejska.

Partners role within project Art Line:

Gdansk City Gallery (GGM) will host an international seminar on public art and digital media. GGM will plan and organise a seminar with partners in Cross Media. They will host an exhibition of winning projects and other contributions to a contest that deals with the creation of a digital art work for public space. They will develop rules and program for the competition, lead the jury-work and be the contact person for artists. GGM will lead the promotion of the competition; partners will together market the competition, and will arrange so that the winning projects will be presented on the digital art platform and documented in a catalogue. They will lead the evaluation for future co-operation between Cross Media partners.

General director of Gdansk City Gallery

PR and marketing manager at Gdansk City Gallery