Do we really need yet another piece of public art?

The seminar wants to raise questions regarding art and its relationship with what is called “public space”.

There has been a huge interest in art in public spaces since the 1990s, and it seems to be increasing since the last couple of years. To include temporary public artworks is a standard procedure today for most art biennales or larger exhibitions on contemporary art. We have also seen yearly conferences and an increased interest from artists to do projects in the public space in Sweden and elsewhere. Still, despite this increased interest, it seems to be hard to form consensus on the fundamental basics of how to approach the process.

Topics addressed in the seminar will be; art projects that work in the public space, that a single definition of the public space is insufficient when working in different cultural contexts and different ways to work in the public space based on applied contemporary art theories.

Most participants come from Sweden and Poland, which will bring forward different views on the topic. The speakers will be artists and persons involved in the realization of projects.

Invited speakers: Klas Eriksson (artist), Oscar Guermouche (artist), Gustav Hellberg (artist), Helle Kvamme (artist), Aneta Szylak (director of WYSPA, Gdansk), Vladimir Us (artist Republic of Moldova), Krzusztof Zwirblis (director of Studio Galeria, Warsaw), Agnieszka Wolodzko (senior curator and program coordinator of Laznia CCA), among others. Please see program.

The seminar will take place at Ölands Folkhögskola.
It is free of charge. Limited seats.
Registration is free but obligatory, email Jörgen Platzer at

Ölands folkhögskola can help to arrange accommodation close to the conference for
300 SEK/night. Contact Jörgen Platzer for more information.
The school cafeteria will sell food and coffee to visitors during the seminar.

For questions regarding content, please contact Director of Exhibitions Martin Schibli. martin.schibli@kalmarkonstmuseum


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