Digital art now?

This event consists of selected items from the video and animation festival IN OUT and the contest/event Hydro Active City. Both have earlier taken place in Gdansk, Poland, but are now beeing presented in a new form in Kaliningrad, Russia.

The festival IN OUT consists of videos , animation, experimental films, documentaries and short sketches, and is held annually in Gdansk since 2005. Laznia curator, Jolanta Woszczenko shows a selection of works from IN OUT during the presentation “Digital art now? ” The showing includes works from the 5th and 6th IN OUT festivals in Gdansk in 2011-2012 .

The “Hydro Active City” event in Gdansk May 31 to June 2, 2013, was devoted to the use of the latest technologies and mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, Wi-Fi). The theme of the exhibition was water: artists created installations and audiovisual shows, inspired by the water element. One of the participants then, Piotr Wyrzykowski, now presents his interactive project “Water memory”, which allows the viewer to dive into virtual reality with the help of mobile tablets.

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