Augmented Reality and Playing with History pt 2

Augmented Reality and Playing with History
A Workshop for EU Cooperation Day
September 30th (and October 14), at Blekinge Museum and historical Karlskrona locations

On September 30th, in celebration of EU Cooperation Day, students in the Digital Culture and Communication Program at Blekinge Tekniska Högskola, in collaboration with local high school students in Karlskrona, will meet in a practical hands-on workshop to explore the ways that history may be re-imagined using mixed media applications and tools, including Augmented Reality. Working with an historian and photo archivist from Blekinge Museum, along with BTH Digital Culture faculty, they will use smart phones, tablets, and old photographs of the city spaces and architecture to blend fact and fiction and re-imagine the past. How can historical photographs and digital images come together to reveal the “ghosts” of the past living among us? How can we re-map historical spaces using user-experiences of spaces and places as central to learning our cultural heritage? How can we play with the past to discover, uncover, and recover something new? These are our goals as we move forward and work together to explore our past and present in Karlskrona.

The first workshop will be followed up with other collaborations and results will be posted on the Art Line website, so check back for further information.

This event is a part of the celebration of European cooperation day. The actual day is the 18th, but there are events all over Europe the whole month of September.
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