Art Line was presented in Brussels

The international art project Art Line, with five Baltic Sea countries and 14 institutions as partners, has presented itself in Brussels. Tuesday the 18th of March visitors and artists gathered in the Belgian art institution iMAL’s premises. The Art Line project was presented through lectures and screenings. Several works of art created during the project were also presented.

“Art makes people and regions grow” was the heading for the invitation to the Art Lines presentation. The project has apparently been able to attract many fans, as evidenced by the fact that during this afternoon and evening was spoken German, Polish, Swedish, and due to the local presence also French and Flemish along with the predominant project language English.

The project leader Torun Ekstrand presented the project, which in retrospect have been very successful. Art Line is partly financed by the EU and started partly because there was a need for a cultural infrastructure between the countries around the Baltic Sea. After three years networks and numerous personal contacts have been established. Art Line project is soon officially ended, but it will live on the web – and of course also in the networks that have been established.

Art Line chose iMAL as setting for this presentation partly because it is conveniently located in the center of Brussels, partly because this is an institution that integrates outreach, exhibitions, performances, with a medialab where artists can experiment and interact with the help of modern technology.

Art created with modern technology was also a major theme during the event. Among other participants were able to try Piotr Wyrzykowskis award-winning works “Water memory” that combines art, poetry, history, music with a modern presentation technology on tablets. This was done outdoors. Inside the premises there were giant presentations of web pages, for instance the comprehensive catalogue on the web that contains essays and presentations of Art Lines in projects and exhibitions. There was also a small exhibition that featured Ronneby-based Swedish Waterjet lab’s activities. It combines art and modern water jet technology and the business has been a part of Art Line.

Photos of Art Lines presentation available on Flickr – free for use: