A Message From Another Shore

A Message From Another Shore is an artistic rendition of the Art Line project using photo documentation of the exhibits, art works, festivals and workshops that have been realized throughout Art Lines almost three and a half years of activity in the Baltic region. The rendition is a playful examination of the visual traces of creativity and collaboration.

Inspired by sea porcelain, the shards of broken pottery found on beaches, A Message From Another Shore starts out as fragments of patterns and traces whirling around and slowly coming together to create a new whole.

The porcelain shards and the images in the Art Line photo archive both portray the journey from one shore to another. Whether shaped and smoothed by each grain of sand it has touched or by every person it has come in contact with, the end result is anything but a small broken piece of porcelain or an image among thousands of others. It is a vessel containing the meetings of thousands.

A Message From Another Shore is the result of a collaboration between Nicola Bergström Hansen and Andreas Palmerén.