260 page Art Line Catalogue celebrates cross border cooperation

This is Art Line – Catalogue with 260 pages celebrates cross border cooperation

The cross-border art project Art Line is presented in a catalogue, an impressive 260 pages book. It was officially presented at the Art Line final conference, February 4 in Gdansk, Poland. But a printed catalogue is not enough, there is another one on the net!

The catalogue that describes the project is extensively illustrated and contains several essays on the subjects that have been addressed in the different subprojects and events of Art Line. The contents page reveals what this might be: Art in public space, Art in digital and physical space, Digital art platform, Telling the Baltic, collaborative storytelling project and The culture tourist. There is also an concluding text by Larry Okey Ugwu of the Baltic Cultural Center in Gdansk who stresses the fact that culture now is a priority area in the EU strategy for the Baltic Sea Region.

Art Line is a cooperation between five South Baltic countries and 14 partners. It is partly EU financed and includes art galleries, museums, academy and a shipping company. It started in 2011 and during its existence, a number of exhibitions, workshops, lectures and other cultural exchanges of different kinds have taken place in Poland, Sweden, Lithuania, Germany and Russia (Kaliningrad).

But the printed catalogue is not all. There is also a digital version of it, with even more material, links to video, online artworks, documentaries, lectures etc. This will be possible to enjoy at least until 2020.

Many different people can benefit from this catalogue: those who wants to get new insights about the contemporary art scene in this part of the world, scholars who are interested in what is going on in the field where art and technology aswell as art and science meet, city planners who need feed for new thoughts on the use of public space, museum people in need of inspiration to take new daring steps in their work… Yes, anybody who wants to know more about contemporary culture in the countries around the Baltic Sea can find the two catalogues very useful.

Of course, Art Line will live on after March 31. The website, including the web version of the catalogue will live on for five years, at least. The new connections and the friendships that are a result of all the good work will last even longer.

Do you want the printed version of the Catalogue? Order it from Blekinge museum, Borgmästaregatan 21, 37135 Karlskrona, Sweden. There is a postage fee.

The online catalogue can be found at: