IKOF/Ingvar Kamprad Order Friendship by Oleg Blyablyas

The projects tackles people’s ambition to own and use belongings of famous people and celebrities. One of the explanations of these aspirations is an unconscious desire to obtain qualities of “the star” through the contact
One of the most famous people from the Smaland province is Ingvar Kamprad – a famous businessman and founder of the «IKEA» chain, that made him one of the world’s richest man with a fortune of some 28 biln dollars. In the project his car VOLVO 240 produced in 1993 and still belonging to him becomes such an object which people are longing for. In the framework of the project we suggested to buy this car from the owner for the subsequent event and installation of this car in the public space of the Kalmar Konstmuseum. The project also employs the images of mass production and consumption relevant to both IKEA and museums («consumption of culture and culture of consumption»). This subject was also the intended focus in the interviews with local inhabitants. IKEA’S founder was conferred the Order of Friendship of Russia for his contribution in the development of commercial, economic and investment relations on the 1st of March 2011.