Anastasia Ryabova – The object is under protection, on different places in Kalmar, 2 June

Part of a series of projects in different public spaces in Kalmar during summer. A series of projects examining and experimenting with the sphere normally defined as the public space, what is it really? Some works will be invisible; others might not be recognized as art. Some contributions will last only a couple of minutes; others will go on throughout the summer.

Participating Artists: Karolina Bregula, Heath Bunting, Klas Eriksson, Calle Holck, Gustav Hellberg, Ingela Ihrman, Johanna Karlin, Helle Kvamme, Emmeli Person, Jörgen Platzer, Anastasia Ryabova, Vladimir US, Greta Wiebull and Krysztof Zwirblis. Guest Project: Participation of the Students from Öland Art Academy in cooperation with Vladimir Us. Kalmar konstmuseum. Curator Martin Schibli.